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Pravarsha Agro Industries as a corporate citizen which understands the enormous significance for the agro sector and industrial development. Leveraging the strength of superior product offerings, Pravarsha Agro Industries has strategized its forays into consumer market, with the aim to be market leaders earning respect and revenue for the stakeholders.

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What We Do


Dairy Farming

The company is setting up its first dairy farm at Hyderabad , which is going to have 4200(four thousand two hundred)milking cows.


Dairy Processing

The company is also planning to set up a processing plant ,which will enable the unit to process up to almost 2(two) lakh liters of milk daily.


Dairy Logistics

The company was incorporated to set up large scales commercial dairy plants across India for manufacturing of quality milk.


Briquette Unit

At our facility we value every resource. The liquid waste or effluent is treated at our ETP and the water is reused.Even the dung produced at the farm is converted into briquettes/ Manure/ Dhoop sticks.

In this way we have not only ensured that we protect the environment but also contribute to a green belt.



We are local and love working with the community to help strengthen relationships for all our stakeholders. To ensure constant supply of Greens and Silage, Pravarsha supports the farmers with a fair price and also equipment for preparation of silage.



All the mandatory precautions have been taken at our farm to ensure our farm fresh milk, paneer, ghee is delivered at your doorstep to ensure the purest daily dose of delivery.

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